Thursday, 30 April 2015

My long weekend

Have u ever been to Parakai. I went Parakai pools with my uncle brother and my cousins. The first thing I went was in the pool to warm up after that me and my uncle and brothers and cousins went on the slide. And blocked it after that we made a train. After we had a big picnic eated some cookies sandwiches and chips and  bananas
i felt happy. what i hope next time is to go rainbow zen

the special ride

on Tuesday we  readed a book called the special ride.
There was a boy and girl they where both sisters and brothers.
And they were going to ride there bikes on a pathway in a single file to a picnic place under a tree.

Thursday, 23 April 2015


WALT: explain and find the missing words for a paragraph about ANZAC
Fill in the missing spaces:

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The holidays

Have u ever been to Sylvia Park Hoyts
Well I went there on a cold freezing day with my Dad and Brothers.

When we got there the first thing we eated was bk. After that we bought tickets to Spongebob out of water. But before we did it we got our popcorn and coke from pak n save and waited for half an hour to see the movie. At the end we went home and my dad went to sleep.

last week me and my Family went to Pt England Beach. And hanged out for the whole day and had a picnic. And we had a big  swim because the water was so cold. But also relaxing after my big swim I dried myself and eaten some more Cookies. And went home in my Mums car.

I went home. I felt spoiled because I eated so much cookies.
What i enjoyed the most was hanging out with my family.
What i hope for next time is to see my cousin in aus.

The school picnic.

Have u ever been on a school picnic well are Whole School went to our pt england beach and mr burt told us to not go out of the barriers. And said have fun after that I went to follow  Miss Lavakula and we went with a big blue mat and put my bag on it. After that I went to the beach and skimmed with Bailee and Kruiz and Kaharau. I got the longest skim after that i played soccer and i was so hot the sun was shining in my eyes so i went back to my bag and got my hat

.After that I made a big mug out of clay and a kid stepped on it. I did not get mad at him I took it like a man.

My favorite part was when I skimmed with Bailee Kruiz and Kaharau

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My walking person

Josh room 8 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Undersea Gardens 1

WALT: Explain what seaweed is and the different part of seaweed

did u know that the waves bring some seaweed next to the rooks.
Seaweeds  are a algae that grow in the sea. Some seaweeds grow only grow in winter and summer.