Friday, 22 May 2015

The chocolate game

P1 Have you played the chocolate game before?
Today our reading class. sat on the mat and made a big circle.

p2 This is how the game works.  Everyone sits
in a large circle. You need dice and yum Chocolate. Friends
5 accessories 1 clothing. And a knife and fork.

When I had my turn I was nervous. I rolled a 6 and put on a black suit jacket and somebody got a 6. I sat down and watched most of the kids  put on a black hat and a suit jacket. I heard everybody saying put the coconut shells on. I felt happy.

The first person was Charles. He dashed to put on the rabbit glasses and he put on 1 clothing. when I rolled the dice and I got a 6. I got up slowly to get the black suit jacket on. Finally somebody else got a six. I really did not want to have a turn  because I was so embarrassed.


I really enjoyed playing the chocolate game. hope we play it again

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