Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Holidays Highlight

WOW DID U KNOW IN the holidays Charles came over my house for a sleepover? we went to Burger King and had lunch there. After that we played video games like just dance or cod Call of Duty then we played with my big brother Kaynen we played American football passes. For dinner we had homemade pizza.

In the first week of holidays me and Charles was bored until my mum called my big brother kaynen. Said would you like go movies my mum said Me and Charles were excited. So we rushed on are clothes and my mum came back from work said go wait in the car I will just go get the tickets for the movie we went to watch born to dance it was fun.

In the second week of holidays I went parakai springs with my uncle and my dad and cousins. most of the drive I just slept the whole way. One hour later we finally made it. The first thing we went on was the warm pool. After we got on the big slide and blocked it we went into a train. We all let go then we start to speed fast as then I fall of my board and went on to my cousin's board we kept on bumping into a lot of things. We got kicked off the slide so we went into the hot spa place and had hot chips and slushies and went home.

I felt happy about the experience. I enjoyed the slide the most and I hope we go Rainbows End next time.

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