Thursday, 15 October 2015

How Maui slowed the Sun.

Long long time a go the sun moved too fast across the sky people couldn't do their work. Maui made a plan to slow the sun down. He asked his brothers to help him. The brothers still weren't very happy but they helped Maui to cut the Harakeke. They said a Karakia to make the ropes strong. At last the ropes were ready so they set off at night so the sun did not no there plan. Maui new they were close because  the ground was dry. Soon they reach the great pit from where the sun would rise. they made a wall so the sun couldn't see them, Maui said not to throw the ropes yet. “Now” my brothers shouted  Maui attack said Maui the Maui smashed the sun in the face. The ropes were stuck on the sun, He was sad weak so the brothers and Maui let go of the magic ropes.
the sun went slowly and the people did their work.

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