Thursday, 5 November 2015


have you ever got weatbix with whipped cream all over your face. Well this morning we played a game and I call it weetbix of terror.

We used raw weetbix whipped cream and an apple. You need to put the whip cream on the weatbix and put it on any kind of plate. Then you have to have a buddy to control your arms and need six teams which have two in each. one person from each team has to eat the weetbix an apple and the other person had to control your arms.

When it was my turn I was the one who had to eat the food. I was nervous at first because I didn't even know if it was yum or not. But when Charles my buddy shoved the raw weetbix in my face the whipped cream was every where. It was disgusting to me I felt like I wanted to vomit it was very nasty. When I finished the weat bix I had the apple which had crumbs and whipped cream on it and it was all soggy. When I tasted it.

My favorite part was when I got revenge on Charles. I put whip cream on his face and I put the apple over his face.

I felt happy about the experience because it was funny it was bad but still funny.

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