Friday, 18 March 2016

Volcano Narrative: Hook

Did u know that in 1981, in the middle of the Ring of fire, there were 452 volcanoes? Two of the volcanoes were happy together and every time they erupted they got bigger and bigger. And made the eruption Huge so one day they decided to Separate. They both were sad Johnny Erupted because he was angry and nela was sad and got smaller.Then he sang alone every day and day. and nela was under the water hearing him. so one day nela erupted and got bigger and they both sang together everyday.  And they both lived happily ever after.THE END

This Week we are learning about hooks. the hook i used was did u know. The Writing coverd in blue is what I Improved. Enjoy my writing

Walt: hook our audience.

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  1. awesome work but why did you write every day and day?
    and awesome work


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