Friday, 1 April 2016

Camp Blog Comments

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Write 1-2 sentences (In your OWN words) about something you liked in their blog post.
Write 1-2 sentences describing WHY you liked that part of their post.
Sup Javan hope u had a cool camp getting picked as a leader I enjoyed your performence for concert night.
Because his Performance
Was Cool
Kia Ora Kaharau I like that u said u guys where Farting eww im glad im not in ur tent he he
Because he said him and his tent buddies where farting
Sup Charles cool Work I like that u said u did flips on the trampaline because that was the thing we anyways i enjoyed reading your work
Because he said he did flips and stuff in the hall on a mall tramp
Good Writing Andrew Hope u really enjoyed camp and I like the u enjoyed Watching Hotel Transylvania 2 I enjoyed the movie myself even tho people Ruined it
Because he said he  was watched Hotel Transylvania 2 And I really enjoyed the movie myself
Hi Skye I enjoyed ur writing I like that u said u like cooking Keep it up

Because she said that she liked Cooking and liked Kyaking

Today we had to respond to 5 people who had posted about there camp experience. I am giving credit to the People who let me read there camp writing. so those students are Javan Kaharau Charles Andrew and Skye.

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