Monday, 11 April 2016

Fia Fia 2016

Did you know? On the 7th of april 2016 there was our annual school Fia Fia. The word Fia Fia is used in the pacific islands. Such as samoa and Tonga. It has many meanings such as celebration get together happy. My group was middle hip hop and my tutor was Mrs Samuels. Plus I wont forget HOW YUMM THE FOOD WAS what I ate and Drank was Sprite Chopsuwe.

On the day of fia fia I was nervous. My group was going on stage on 6th after the 5th group.When we got in the stage I was nervous. That I might it mess up but it turned out really great. When we finished fia fia we head back to our dressing rooms. and we got let off back to home.

plus there were many. Groups like.
Kapa Haka Junior
Kapa Haka Middle and Senior
Jump Jam
Hip hop juniors
Hip hop Middle
Hip hop Senior
Cook island Drummers
Cook island dancers
Samoan boys
Samoan Girls
Tongan Boys
Tongan Girls
And more i just dont know

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  1. I loved your introduction Josh. You've added lots of relevant information that helps people who don't know what Fiafia is.

    What was your item? What did you like about your item? What group will you choose next time?


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