Thursday, 5 May 2016

Recount: Immersion Assembly

Did you know? Pt england school had a immersion assembly in the hall On may the second. An immersion assembly is a like a welcome back assembly from the holidays.

P2 (as i see it)
This term are topic is as i see it. it is based on art Mrs Nua had 4 different versions. of painting based on near the staff room window. on her costume all the teachers had alot of interesting costumes.

P3  (Other Teams)
So well we were on holidays the teachers had to think about what topic. We had to do for term 2. Team 1 is learning about there favorite things. Team 2 is learning about seasons. Team 3 is learning about shapes and buildings.  

P4 (Team 4)
And what everybody has been waiting for. The teacher vengers now the evil bear baxindine was looking for chromebook. but he only found bobby John so team 4 is learning about comics. and probably we might even get to create our own one.

P5 (Conclusion)
I felt happy about the experience. My favorite part was when team 5 teachers had a house race and the best house won Hokulea.

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