Thursday, 5 April 2018

Why we should not have uniforms at school.

I reckon our school should have no uniforms.We should ban them because most people cannot afford the uniform, especially when they have more than two kids. School uniform costs a lot of money. It takes away money that could of been used for the power bill, water and food. If uniform was not invented we would be kicking back in islands, but instead I am saving up for a another uniform for college.

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  1. Hi Josh, it's me Kyra from Totara 3 again. I like your post about why your school should not have uniforms because you give good examples about your argument. I especially like the the last part!

    This reminds me of doing argument writing in class. Our first topic was on why I should have a cellphone. Another one is why animals should not be in circuses. What is your opinions on these topics?

    Maybe next time you could work on the scaffold of the Argument. What I mean is setting your writing out into an introduction, reason paragraphs and a conclusion.

    Great Argument!

    From Kyra


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