Friday, 19 February 2016


In 1981 in the middle of Hawaii there were two volcanoes.Their names were Johnny and Nela.They were happy together everytime they erupted they got bigger and bigger. Which made them close together.

And make the eruption huge so one day they decided to Separate. They both were sad Johnny erupted because he was angry and nela was sad and got smaller.And sank in to the sea.

Then he sang alone every day and day. And nela was under the water hearing him. So one day nela erupted and got bigger and they both sang together everyday.  And they both lived happily ever after.THE END

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  1. Josh, you have a great start to your narrative but there are so many things you have left unanswered! What happened when they had their HUGE eruption? Why did Johnny go from sad to angry? How come they never tried to get back together? I really think you could put in some more work to make their story amazing!


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