Monday, 3 August 2015

Josh Immersion Assembly and holiday

Start your writing here: In the morning I arrived at school and I saw Mr Burt doing bets and giving out prices for fake money like an auction. Mr Jacobson was the one giving out the fake money.There was a rugby ball and basketball and many other cool stuff.  
Team 1
teachers went to the morning market to spend there money. And if team one kids do some work around the class and like being quiet cleaning up they will get pc
Team 4
teaches did a play about all the emotions you feel like joy and sadness and disgust and fear and angry. It's like the new movie called Inside out Mrs Lavakula was joy and Mr Somerville was sassy and Mr Goodwin was Calm.
After that we said a big thanks to our teachers for all the hard work they putted it into.
at the end We welcomed three new teachers. One of the teacher's name was Mr Morgan and I don't the rest. But I know that they work in the office. My favorite part was when Mr Somerville was being so sassy. and what I hope for next time is that one of the teams do spy mission.
In the holidays charles came over my house and after that we went inside to play Mortal Kombat on xbox 360. And then we got bored so we played with my dog jubba simeon we played soccer it was fun
then it was getting late so me and charles went inside. And had dinner for dinner we had buns and chicken and mayo it was very yum. After we had treats and went to sleep.

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